Weertu - your personal freight forwarder.

Are you searching for an easy and simple shipping solution? Weertu will take care of your orders by helping you save time and money in the world of logistics..

Here's how it works:

Here is a simple overview of the 3 steps

First - Where to?

Start off by entering your destination in our address book and choose the shipment type that best fits your needs. By inserting the quantity, size, and weight of your order, we will immediately provide you with the freight price calculation.

Then some detail...

Now, before we take care of your shipment, please let us know some additional information like the names of sender and receiver, contact persons, the pick-up and delivery dates, and any other comments you may have.

...and away it goes!

Great, now we are ready to start working! On the final confirm page, you can choose your payment option and fill in the additional information to generate an invoice.

Why Weertu?

Personal freight forwarder without any extra cost

Quick and easy price quotes without loads of data

Carefully selected, reliable transport partners.

Experienced team in Weertu is taking care of your shipments

Our story

We want to make logistics simple – just tell us where to as our name suggest. We created a character called Weertu who would embody an expert to companies who don`t have a dedicated logistics person. The goal is to have a platform so simple and effective which would save time and hassle that it would feel like you have an extra person working for you. That little helper is called Weertu!

The founders of the company have more than 40 years of experience in the field of logistics. We are here to simplify shipping solutions in a modern, efficient, and reliable way. As shown above in the ‘How it works‘ section, it’s done in three simple steps with only the minimal amount of information and time required. Feel free to use Weertu`s help and please share us your feedback by sending an email to info@weertu.com.