Funding Information

DigiSped OÜ has received seed funding from

to develop the Weertu IT platform.


DigiSped OÜ is developing a freight forwarding platform mainly for business-to-business shipments starting from one pallet. The objective of this IT solution is to offer its customers an easier and faster pricing calculation along with ordering and tracking services. The platform is not a marketplace but a digital transport coordinator that takes responsibility in addition to the provided solutions.

The Goals and Results

1. The Weertu IT platform (weertu.com) connects our customer inquiries and orders with the provided transport options and price lists. These will be handled by our automated transport management and customer service.

2. The platform will manage all incoming, pending, and completed orders. It provides an overview of orders by customers, transport directions, and stages of the transport process both to the customer and transport partner.

3. The information flow between the customer, the transport partner, and the Weertu IT platform is organized via interfaced connections which reduces the handling time of the orders, labor costs, and errors.

Authority: The State Shared Service Center

Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Measure: Cultivating entrepreneurship, promoting business growth, developing the business environment

Amount of Funding: 15 000€

Authority: Enterprise Estonia

Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Measure: Contributing the development and export activities of companies and increasing management capacity

Amount of Funding: 34 580€